Why Outsource Your Recruitment Function?

Why | adverb: for what reason or purpose?

In a world where thousands of active and passive candidates are at your fingertips through a variety of mediums, you may ask yourself, “Why would I outsource my recruitment function?” Truth be told, while you may have access to candidates, you may not have an optimized recruitment function to source and attract those candidates with the critical skills you need to fill your hiring gaps. In fact, 79% of companies surveyed indicate shortages of critical skills available in the talent pool as their main talent acquisition pressure (Source: Aberdeen Group, April 2015). Even with all the access, companies are struggling to hire the right talent and do not have the time and resources to devote to recruitment.

That’s where an outsourced recruitment solutions firm can help.

It starts with purchasing power. Recruitment is the primary function of an outsourced recruitment solutions firm, and they are investing in tools to get ahead. Recruiting companies have access to tools that extend their reach far into talent pools for their clients, targeting the best candidates before the candidates even know they are looking for a new opportunity. This includes digital tools such as LinkedIn licensing and specialized job board advertisements, and proven sourcing and recruiting methodologies performed by experienced sourcers and recruiters all working to find the best candidate for you, the client.

There are a variety of processes and idiosyncrasies in the talent acquisition world that outsourced companies are more capable of handling because, well, recruitment is their primary function. Hiring needs vary depending on your company’s growth plans—you know this. That means your HR department or recruiting staff are pressured at different points in time to deliver on those hiring needs, which can be frustrating. An outsourced recruitment function handles market volatility for you, adjusting their resources accordingly to your hiring needs. The integrated delivery model of an outsourced recruiting solutions firm provides people, process, and technologies that are deployed based on your cultural and environmental needs.

Furthermore, the average cost of a recruiter nationwide is about $50K-$53K per year—and that number does not include the ‘hidden costs of recruitment’ such as benefits, taxes, insurance, applicant tracking systems, job board advertisements, video interview tools, reference checking software, background checking services, personality profiling tools, etc. An outsourced solution can provide all of those items with a team that is fully dedicated to understanding your employer brand, culture, and hiring needs. Therefore, you are no longer responsible for overhead expenses related to staffing your own recruitment team.

As your business grows it is critical to have a talent acquisition strategy and solution that allows you to connect with candidates and retain top talent – an outsourced recruiting solutions firm can provide that for you. With a shortage in skilled talent, it is important for your employer brand and recruitment process to stand out. So ask yourself, are you doing everything you can to ensure that your recruitment process is optimized and scalable? If not, why wait?