A new-hire’s take on working in a startup environment, the importance of collaboration and growth opportunities at ORS.

As a Labor Studies & Employment Relations and Industrial Organizational Psychology major, I have firm understanding of the importance of human capital for business success. When I began my career in Human Resources a year ago, I gravitated toward work that centered on employee engagement, talent management, and talent acquisition. I began to see the impact talent acquisition had on moving a growing organization forward. The recruitment process peaked my interest; I loved connecting with people – clients and candidates alike, engaging candidates in a job, and guiding them through the interviewing and hiring process. That’s one of the reasons why I was thrilled to join ORS Partners. My role at ORS allows me to focus on talent acquisition consulting – a combination of both talent acquisition and consulting on an organization’s talent strategy.

Flexible, Start-up Environment

Having worked in smaller organizations, it was important to me to find a similar organization where I could continue to grow within the company. ORS was exciting for me because it embodied the start-up, fast-growing environment I was seeking in a new employer. The feel of a small company allows for both growth and transparency among leadership and the rest of the team.
Aside from the professional and growth opportunities offered by ORS, the personal satisfaction of working in a flexible environment aligned with my concept of work/life balance. ORS’ delivery model allows for our team to be located at headquarters, remotely or on client sites. The mobility of the team and flexible work environment was another selling point of ORS.

Collaborative & Innovative Team

More importantly, the team members at ORS Partners heavily influenced my decision to make a career move. Each team member has a different background and set of skills that influenced my onboarding and continue to influence my learning and development. I have had the opportunity to work with team members that are at varying stages in their careers along with those in my direct peer group. Everyone is open to providing feedback and advice on their own experiences in talent acquisition. Not only are team members willing to share their experiences to help you learn and grow, but also there is a sense of comradery in regards to your success here. I will never forget the celebration and support I received after making my first placement. The ORS team is supportive and makes you feel like you are a part of the team from the first day you walk in the door.

Growth Opportunities

During the interview process I met with team members who were sincere in their eagerness to get to know me and their belief that I could be successful here. I was sold on the fact that ORS’ training programs could advance me quickly and that one year of recruiting at ORS could equate to multiple years in the industry at a different organization – so far that’s true. I have always been research and education oriented, and ORS provides all team members the opportunity to learn new skills via ORSU, our training and development program. There are multiple ORSU sessions each month, and each one focuses on different on-the-job scenarios and situations. During these sessions, interaction and questions are strongly encouraged. Personally, my learning style requires me to ask questions and being at a company like ORS where engagement is encouraged is crucial to my professional development.

Over the past three months, my days have been filled with intense research, candidate engagement, client interaction, filling job requisitions, and training and development. In this short amount of time, I have realized coming to ORS will not only allow me to grow professionally within my profession, but I also sincerely enjoy coming to work every day.

Written by Leigha Anderson
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