A new-hire’s perspective: not your average recruiting firm.

I first stumbled upon ORS Partners on LinkedIn and was curious about the brand as it did not appear to be your typical recruiting firm. After applying, I quickly began to understand the unique work environment ORS offered within the talent acquisition industry. In my previous role within healthcare staffing, I had focused mostly on process management and training versus true recruitment and knew I wanted to pursue direct involvement in the recruitment process. I had been looking for a company that encouraged and empowered me to deliver talent to clients, implement new ideas, and improve recruitment process – and I have found that in ORS Partners.  

ORS has created and maintain a culture of collaboration and innovation while also providing a high level of client satisfaction and candidate care.   


One of my favorite aspects of working at ORS is the collaborative nature of the team. I have felt less pressure given my inexperience when beginning to recruit in new industries because I know my experienced team members will support me by sharing their knowledge and experiences. At ORS, great candidates, tools and resources are shared so that we all continue to develop and learn every day. We all have the common goal to deliver the best talent and service to our clients.  


One of my professional interests is process improvement and problem solving. In a startup environment like ORS, we are constantly tackling new challenges and everyone is encouraged to share ideas. There is an understanding that every team member can bring a new perspective to a problem and processes are built best by the people who use them. Additionally, this provides opportunities to get involved in building process and solving problems outside of my day-to-day recruitment role.  

Commitment to Success

When friends and family members ask me ‘why recruitment,’ I share with them that I am passionate about matching the perfect candidate with the perfect employer. I love match-making, and lucky for me that is the heart of ORS Partner’s vision: to create a seamless solution where the employer and the right employee discover each other every time. We ensure we are providing high quality recruiting solutions to our clients every day.

Written by Emilie Keeler

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