Terry Williams featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer

ORS Partners’ CEO, Terry Williams, featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer article, “New vision, from not-so-new local names, powers these fast-growing firms”: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/new-vision-from-not-so-new-local-names-powers-these-fast-growing-firms-20171028.html?photo_3 

Excerpt below: 

“At the helm of Audubon, Pa.-based ORS Partners is one of those repeat entrepreneurs, founder and CEO Terry Williams.

‘We got started after my last firm, TWC, was sold in 2007, and I launched ORS in 2012,’ Williams said. ‘We’re in our fifth year of basically the second iteration of a successful company that we sold’ to a group purchased by Manpower.

ORS is ‘a consulting firm that drops in teams of talent into start-up companies,’ Williams said.

‘We build and scale … personnel teams for venture-backed and private equity-backed companies,’ he said. ‘When a VC invests $8 million into a technology company in Philly, New York or Silicon Valley, they need to grow from 40 to 150 people fast — so we drop our white-label employees who become their team’ for periods of months. Ten ORS Partners clients have either gone to IPO or another “liquidity event” in the last five years, he noted.

Among ORS clients are iPipeline, IntegriChain, Energage, ARC Web, ContentWatch, Relay Networks, and InstaMed. The company is on track for $8 million in revenues in 2017, up from $3.9 million in 2014.

‘We’d like to be at $18 million in three years’ and up to about 130 people from the current 75 on staff, said Williams, 61, born and raised in Chester County and a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. ‘I’m a serial entrepreneur. I also have a venture fund, NextStage Capital, so I’m an angel investor, and [former 76ers owner] Pat Croce and I do a lot of investments together. I’m a local guy and I’ve been in this market for a long time.’

What challenges did he face turning on the growth engine? ‘It’s easier the second time around,’ he said. ‘The first time, we had to attract and maintain the best people; you need to have that advantage. We did the same thing the second time.'”

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