Sourcing Center

ORS Sourcing Center Solutions provide you with a core sourcing infrastructure that can scale to meet your hiring needs – and an efficient candidate sourcing process that works.

The Problem: The average recruiter spends 60%-70% of their time searching through resume databases, targeted groups and associations, and social networks trying to locate the right candidates. Recruiters should be performing higher-value activities such as developing relationships with qualified candidates and interacting with hiring managers.

The Solution: ORS Sourcing Center Solution provides dedicated sourcing consultants to proactively identify, assess, and qualify candidates, allowing recruiters to focus on higher-value activities. Similar to an inside sales representative, but their goal is to provide the recruiter qualified candidate versus sales leads.

Sourcing consultants are responsible for:
Proactive outreach and identification of quality candidates
Management of inbound applications and referrals
Competitive research
Developing active pipelines
Pre-screening candidates
Providing recommendations to hiring managers
Creating sourcing strategy for each role including target companies, industry targets, and skill-based profiling
Engage and assess active and passive candidates
Assist with scheduling & coordination of interviews

We proactively identify, assess, and qualify candidates to supplement your internal team.