AUDUBON, PA, December 17, 2012 – Storeroom Solutions Inc. (SSI), the fastest growing independent provider of MRO/indirect materials management services in North America, announces a long-term partnership with ORS Partners, a leading provider of outsourced recruiting services and consulting. SSI engaged with ORS Partners in September 2012 to enhance its recruitment processes.

Founded in 1987, SSI works with companies to reduce indirect materials costs while improving reliability and maintenance effectiveness. Today, SSI is the fastest growing independent provider of MRO/indirect materials management services in North America, purchasing more than 2 million different products for its clients. To manage client storerooms and to maintain status as a leading, best-practice force in the industry, SSI is committed to identifying and cultivating the right talent. SSI’s continued growth requires a highly skilled workforce for immediate deployment. ORS Partners’ Sourcing Center enables SSI to identify potential employees more efficiently with decreased time to fill, which in turn allows SSI clients to realize cost savings more quickly.

ORS Partners provides Outsourced Recruiting Services (ORS) enabling organizations to deliver on their human capital needs. ORS delivers a talent acquisition solution against established ‘time to fill’ and ‘cost per hire’ industry standards. The benefit of outsourced services enables companies to deliver core competencies while relying on industry expertise and a flexible scalable solution, which meets companies’ dynamic and evolving business needs. With ORS Sourcing Center, SSI gets an efficient recruiting department to help increase the productivity of in-house recruiting efforts. The flexible approach provides SSI with a core infrastructure that scales up or down depending on immediate or forecasted needs – and a robust candidate sourcing process.

“One of our biggest challenges has been to develop a sustainable methodology for “pipeline recruiting”. ORS Partners has done a terrific job in helping us solve that problem. We are now able to ramp up our new storerooms faster and with high quality talent,” said Rob Rosend, Storeroom Solutions Vice President of Human Resources. “Additionally, ORS consultants quickly established credibility with our team and hit the ground running – sourcing for candidates and driving our recruitment process forward from day one.”

“Storeroom realizes the importance of strategic pipelining of qualified candidates in order to quickly engage their clients,” said Steve Brittin, ORS Partners VP of Strategy, Systems, and Process. “ORS Partners works with Storeroom Solutions to quickly ramp and scale at regional and national level to secure the right candidates when they need them and where they need them.”

About Storeroom Solutions

Storeroom Solutions, Inc. drives down MRO costs and drives up quality and performance by providing turnkey storeroom management services, inventory optimization and back-office functions. Serving diverse industries across the Americas, and as the fastest growing independent provider of MRO/indirect materials management services in North America, Storeroom Solutions combines decades of experience and a passion for customer service with leading-edge technology. The result is best-in-class sourcing, inventory management and storeroom

About ORS Partners, LLC

ORS Partners, LLC is a leading provider of Outsourced Recruitment Services (ORS) that enables companies to build a competitive advantage through workforce recruitment and retention. From emerging growth firms to Fortune 500 corporations, ORS Partners provides a single point of contact for outsourced recruitment services and consulting, allowing organizations to focus on their own core business by leveraging our expertise in finding the best talent, increasing internal process efficiencies and improving overall retention and performance management. ORS Partners is founded and launched by the former leadership team of the TWC Group which was the region’s top Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm that was sold to COMSYS/Manpower. The ORS team has been providing human capital solutions for over two decades for companies in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Biotech, Market Research, Interactive Marketing, Information Technology, Field Services, Financial Services, HealthCare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Entertainment. To learn more about ORS Partners, please visit


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