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ORS University

Education & Development

We believe that continuous education is critical to our growth and development. We practice knowledge sharing. We cultivate people through our formal learning programs. We develop our people by providing coaching and feedback.

ORS University (ORSU)

ORS Partners has launched ORSU, a high touch, interactive learning environment specifically designed for the outsourced recruitment consultant where consultants and human capital professionals educate and are educated by peers and industry leaders. This environment provides ORS consultants and professionals with the tools and knowledge to be at the leading edge of an ever-changing and competitive talent acquisition landscape. As we’ve always viewed recruitment as a functional expertise and hired business consultants first, ORSU more broadly addresses additional areas of learning such as tactics for the day-to-day operations of an account, how to become a strategic partner to your client, and be a value-add resource for both the client and to your company.

ORSU Lecture Hall

In classroom style, interactive lectures we address  7 components of talent acquisition including candidate attraction, sourcing, screening,  interviewing, assessment, hiring and retention that help consultants be stronger strategic partner s to their clients. The curriculum covers each component from the most basic to the most advanced level and includes group exercises and assessments. 

ORSU Consultant Development Program (CDP)

This ORSU program is designed for individuals that wish to formally begin their development as an on-site recruitment consultant.  The program develops consultants’ leadership potential through mentorship, on-the-job learning, and weekly development sessions. 

ORSU Situation Room

This program provides consultants a situational based learning experience.  In small groups, we take real-time ORS’ project examples and train our team on best practices  across talent analytics, strategy planning, and forecasting to prepare them to  better consult their clients.

ORSU Lunch & Learn Sourcing Webinars

The Talent Acquisition Industry is constantly changing. The Lunch & Learn Webinars provides the ORS Team timely segments on the industry’s newest tools, trends and techniques so they may utilize them to find our clients top talent. 

ORSU Afterhours Events

Can’t make it for our day-time events? Join us  for Afterhours Events where we dive into  a variety of topics  led by  subject matter experts. Subject areas may range from candidate engagement techniques to Improving candidate offer acceptances. 

If you are interested in ORSU courses or would like more information, please contact us now.