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ORS’ Take on “Building Competitive Advantage with Talent”

 Does your organization have a talent strategy to grow to the next level? Not sure? Let’s explore why you need a talent strategy…

In Bersin by Deloitte’s WhatWorks Brief “Building Competitive Advantage with Talent”, published April 2015, Bersin reviews the importance of building a strategy around talent. Bersin states, “Organizations with a talent strategy are 4.2 times more likely to be in the top quartile of business outcomes.” Is your talent strategy (or lack thereof) holding you back from reaching your organization’s growth goals?

Bersin outlines the main talent acquisition challenges organizations face: 1) an unclear owner and process to follow, 2) an insufficient stakeholder engagement, and 3) the inability to follow their talent strategy. Bersin notes the importance of understanding your company’s overall business strategy and then aligning your talent acquisition strategy accordingly. In order to grow, talent acquisition must be a core business function, rather than a response to business growth. Establishing talent acquisition processes and hiring standards is imperative for successful company growth.  A strong talent strategy and execution should help reduce turnover, cost per hire, time to hire, and promote overall quality of hire.

The ORS Partners’ talent acquisition consulting model is based on the Talent Acquisition Framework by Bersin by Deloitte.  Our goal is to help emerging growth companies understand that talent acquisition should be included as a strategic part of their business plan, not as a tactical item on the agenda of the human resources department. Naturally, the talent acquisition landscape has changed rapidly as new technologies enter the market each year, which makes finding talent easier but attracting and retaining talent more difficult. Our Talent Acquisition Consulting team helps clients succeed in this competitive environment.

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