But (shocker)…we are okay with that.

When you walk into our office you’re greeted with bright colored walls, an open floor plan, collaborative spaces, a kegerator (with 2 beers on tap), a foosball table and an ORS version of the Bimini ring game. The office space combined with our snappy causal dress code looks eerily similar to many tech offices in our area. Yet, here we are… not a tech startup, at all. With investor focus on tech companies, the tech industry has become the focus of the Philadelphia’s attention. Big names and even bigger valuations keep tech companies in the spotlight and news focused on the next industry disruptor, and most forgotten are the professional services firms that work behind the scenes to support these growing tech companies.

So, what does ORS do, you ask? While the celebrity status of technology companies can catapult their brand recognition and secure their status as an employer of choice, the demand for similar skills and the disproportionate amount of qualified talent have created talent shortages and struggles in the Philadelphia marketplace. That’s where we come in. We are a talent acquisition consulting firm that provides branded and embedded talent solutions across high-growth organizations. Our talent consultants hire your next mobile developer, Director of IT, Project Manager, and sales person.

You may not know our name, but that’s how we (and our clients) like it. Our consultants sit in our clients’ offices embedding themselves into the company culture and matching the pace and intensity of the clients’ environments. They assume our clients’ brands, and work with their teams to fill key positions needed to move their organizations forward. Walking through one of our client’s offices as a new hire, or team member, you would never know we’re an outsourced consultant.

Talent acquisition is one of many professional services that assumes this role as silent but imperative partner for growing companies. We are not a tech startup, therefore we are not going to be in the spotlight for our valuation, recent funding or product launch, but, when we see our clients in the news, we know their success is in part because they had the right talent in place to achieve their goals. This is why when people as if we’re a tech startup, we say no and we’re perfectly fine with that.