Why I Chose a Career with ORS – Matt Rudolf

In the past, my recruitment experience was mostly in IT staffing with sales. I found that I loved recruiting when I was doing it, but I wanted to explore sales and account management because I loved client relationship development. Throughout my time in the industry I moved in and out of sales and recruitment. I am drawn to this industry because I am a strong relationship builder. I’m genuine, and if I can help you I will, and if I can’t help, I’ll tell you and try to find you someone that can. This mentality with candidates and clients has propelled me in my career and aligns with the corporate values of ORS Partners.

I first learned of ORS through an acquaintance that I had been networking and discussing industry trends with. This led to some more networking through his connections for more insight into talent acquisition solutions like ORS’ White Label Solutions. I had come into contact with people at ORS to see what the organization was like and kept in touch with them. Through two years of interaction and the right timing, I saw myself becoming a part of the team.

My past employer was very competitive and fast paced. When I joined ORS, I found it was still a high-performing work environment, but the mission is different. I realized that ORS consultants are most concerned with finding the right candidate that will provide for the client and fits the role. I love the recruitment tactics and the ability to work more exclusively with clients. We have the opportunity to consistently communicate with clients, get to know them and their teams and truly understand the job requisitions. This allows us to have more transparency and candidness with candidates – we’re looking for both the right hard and soft skills to create a true ‘match’ for the candidate and client. ORS deployed the same methodology when  hiring me. ORS Partners wants you to have the hard skills, but also the personality that fits into the culture. While I haven’t been an actual employee for very long, my 2 year relationship with ORS has allowed me to witness the internal career progression and growth. It’s exciting to be a part of because it’s a place to learn and see myself grow.

Aside from the business itself, what impressed me most was everyone I met in the interview process. Each person had very similar answers to my questions that were genuinely on the same page and not just telling you what you want to hear. I haven’t even had to ask people for help because they just come up to see how I’m doing. The teamwork and collaboration is real.

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Why I Chose a Career with ORS Partners: Amanda Floyd

Career with ORS

I first heard about ORS Partners through one of my former colleagues. She told me that ORS would be a good fit for me. I was first contacted by John Dengan, ORS’ Director of Talent Acquisition, who was referred to me by a current ORS employee. After speaking with John, I immediately knew a career with ORS would be great for me. At ORS, we approach recruitment from such a different aspect that I find it to be innovative, team-oriented, and fun.


I came from a recruitment agency background where I filled a wide range of positions across all industries. It was very fast paced and very transactional. There were a few clients I worked closely with, but mostly just passed candidates through to clients. My reasoning for choosing a career with ORS was the ability to interact directly with clients. I enjoy the hands on work, open conversation with my clients, and building process.


Coming from an agency, my former colleagues and I did get along, but it was commission based and very competitive. Here at ORS it’s much more candidate-focused, client-focused, and about doing the best for everyone. The goal here is about making the best hiring decision for our clients and to do that you provide your clients the best candidates and best service. Having a team behind you that’s going to help you get to that was funny to me at first, because I didn’t believe it until I saw it happen. The ORS model works. Whether you’re looking for a specific candidate, skill set, or process improvement for your client, there is someone here who has worked with that or has the experience that is willing to sit down and help you with it. No matter what your issue is there is someone here that is going to be able to help you.


The culture at ORS is one of my favorite reasons why I work here. Everyone is here to do their job, but it’s still a very fun environment. It’s very easygoing here, and it makes me want to get in my time at the office to be a part of the culture. I’m at my client site three days out of the week, and I am always excited to come back to ORS for the other two days. It’s nice to get the face time in with people and make personal connections.

As a talent consultant I have the opportunity to put out my best work and provide great service to our clients. Joining the team for a career with ORS was one of the best decisions I made. It’s given me the opportunity to be hands on with clients, the resources of the ORS network, and let me have fun in my work environment.

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