Can’t you just find them on LinkedIn? is a question talent consultants face daily.

It’s a common question hiring managers love to throw out there, and the top question talent consultants dislike to hear. Here’s why…

With over 450 million members, LinkedIn is the largest global professional networking platform. We’ll never dispute that it can be a great tool for finding candidates; however, LinkedIn was originally developed as a professional networking site, not a recruiting tool. The majority of users on LinkedIn are passive candidates looking to connect and network with other professionals. Today, recruiters are using LinkedIn as a source for passive candidates and job boards that have active job seeking candidates to increase the size and diversity of their talent pools. But, job boards and LinkedIn are only two of hundreds of sourcing tools. ORS consultants dive deep into the communities of the candidates they are recruiting and familiarize themselves with what events they attend, what social sites they frequent and how they interact online – all aspects of the science of recruitment that are integral to successfully identifying a qualified candidate.

After finding your ideal candidate’s resume or profile, the next step is engaging with the candidate to evaluate their interest in a new opportunity and their fit for the role. Depending on the specific skills needed for the role, identifying candidates who match your job requirements may be less difficult than engaging and attracting candidates. You must also consider the fact that ‘hot candidates’ – those who have niche skillsets and are in demand – maybe getting contacted 3-5 times a day about new opportunities. Multiple companies may have identified the right candidate, but the key is getting them engaged with you and interested in your opportunity. This is what we call the art of recruiting.

To attract the talent you need to move your organization forward your talent acquisition strategy needs to have a holistic approach that includes not only methods of finding candidates, but methods to attract candidates, engage them in your opportunity, and evaluate their skills and experience. While LinkedIn is a great source to begin your search, it is just one piece of the overall strategy.  So hiring managers, the answer is no, we can’t just find candidates via LinkedIn.