Investigating the connection between candidates and buyers.

Have you checked your Glassdoor lately? Too late, a candidate’s experience during your recruitment process is no longer a secret. With the rise of anonymous rating sites and social media, candidates have more outlets than ever before to share their experiences. A poor candidate experience can negatively impact your ability to attract and retain top talent; however, the impact does not start with a shared experience, nor does stop with your recruitment brand… your corporate brand, sales growth and bottom line can suffer too. A good candidate care program is brilliant marketing, but a poor program, or lack thereof, can leave your business damaged.
When evaluating the effect employer brand has on revenue, the connection between candidates and their role as potential buyers is often missed. A candidate does not necessarily have to share their negative candidate experience online for it to hurt your business because as a consumer or potential client they are already influenced. The negative perception of your organization as an employer easily translates into their perception of your business as a buyer. A CareerBuilder survey states “32% of job seekers reported they are less likely to purchase a product from a company who didn’t respond to their job application.” Think about it… you post a job for an entry level sales role and receive 5+ applications a day for 60 days. You only follow up with 10 of those applicants that matched all of your requirements. The other 290+ applicants never heard from you – not even a ‘thank you for applying’. According to CareerBuilder, you can assume that there are now about 90 people who will never consider purchasing from you. If you have 5+ jobs posted, this number grows significantly.
You must treat every candidate who applies to your company as a potential hire OR buyer. Whether you are marketing a career or your product, it is time to treat them with the same respect. Think about this… on average, it takes fifty contacted candidates to reach one hire. While these numbers vary greatly depending on level of experience, skill-set, and geography, this gives us an idea of how many candidates your recruiters have the opportunity to positively or negatively influence during the hiring process. With the ability to impact sales growth, candidate experience and your recruiting methodologies should be strategic and part of the larger core business function of talent acquisition.
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