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Creating a Great Corporate Culture: Part 1-Physical Work Environment

Sure, we have all seen pictures and videos of the infamous Google Complex out in sunny California. The endless stretches of glass, the flashes of blues, reds, yellows, and greens, and of course, the impossibly cool lounge areas and conference rooms—but does this amazing physical work environment result in a great company culture? The answer is […]

Event Recap: Recruit to Win 2014

On Monday June 9th, ORS Partners‘ CEO and founder, Terry Williams, and exaqueo, Principal and founder, Susan LaMotte co-hosted the first Recruit to Win 2014 executive level talent conference for in house talent leaders.  The goal of the event was to help talent leaders gain an edge over their competition by aligning organizational goals to their talent acquisition program. Using basic […]

Social Media in the Workplace

In the past five years, social media has exponentially grown in popularity. With social media booming, businesses are forced to decide if they need rules and regulations on employee’s accounts, ban the accounts altogether, or allow their employees free reign. In today’s world it is uncommon for employees to not have social media accounts on […]

WSJ: Venture Firms’ Newest Role- Recruiter

Re-blogged from the WSJ: http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2012/06/04/venture-firms-newest-role-for-startups-recruiter/ By Spencer E. Ante Earlier this year, Game Closure CEO Michael Carter hit a wall. He’d grown his year-old Web gaming startup to around 25 employees by mining his personal network of contacts. He needed to hire still more workers, but eventually ran out of people to call and had no luck with professional recruiters. Then […]