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Step by Step: Improving Your Candidate Journey Pt. 2

The candidate journey is a long, winding road that can be difficult for job seekers to navigate effectively, especially when they’re guided poorly. Candidates that feel lost during your journey are more likely to speak negatively about your company to friends, family, and their connections online, so it’s in your best interest to provide them […]

Step by Step: Improving Your Candidate Journey Pt. 1

If you’ve taken a look at our last article on the candidate journey (which you most definitely should), you know how important a well-constructed candidate experience is for your business’s brand reputation and bottom line. In this article, we’ll share a few tips you can use to improve the early stages of your candidate journey. […]

Recruitment Marketing Strategies: Using Video Job Postings to Dramatically Increase Your Ad’s Visibility

Most recruiters are well aware that posting job listings on social media is necessary to attract candidates in today’s acquisition environment. Since you likely accessed this blog through a post on our LinkedIn or Facebook page, you too know how invaluable social media’s reach and ability to connect people really is. As you can tell […]