Authentic Talent Acquisition Creates Success in a Competitive Market

Most people would describe authenticity as being genuine, legitimate, real, or true. These words are synonymous, but in human interaction, what is being authentic?

Authenticity is hard to describe, but you know it when someone is being inauthentic – it’s a feeling. You can easily describe someone to be inauthentic if they seem like they don’t care, if there’s lack sincerity, if they’re passive or even vague. Authenticity is a major part of the talent acquisition field because communication and relationship building are a necessity for hiring and in order to do that, you have to have authenticity.

Authenticity bridges the gaps from candidates to consultant to hiring manager. These relationships cannot be built without legitimately caring about what your client wants for the positions they are hiring for. Like any consultant, talent acquisition consultants want to have the best relationship with their hiring managers to ensure a smooth and successful process. How do you create this relationship? Honesty, transparency, respect, and the shared goal to grow and scale your organization – together as a team. Once an understanding of your relationship has been created, the next step is to extend authenticity into the interview process with candidates.

In a market where the same technical talent is called upon by recruiters each day, it is crucial that you present with authenticity. The best consultants source, screen, and vet candidates through the pretense of emotional investment about the positions that need to be filled and what their client can offer the candidate. 80% of people would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process. Meaningful interactions, candidate care, and open dialogue is the key to to success in a competitive talent market.

90% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency. Transparency is sought after by candidates and important for working relationships with hiring managers, and talent acquisition consultants. Authenticity from the beginning to the end of the recruitment cycle can be the ultimate factor as to why or why not the best possible candidate will take a position. Get in touch with an ORS consultant to learn how we can help you build an authentic talent acquisition program.

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