A Turnkey Outsourced Recruitment Solution for Emerging Growth Firms

In our last post we talked about why you might consider outsourcing your recruitment solution, but once you find the right firm, how do you align with them? At ORS, we believe your recruitment function needs to be designed with your culture in mind. Your recruitment function needs to touch every part of your company, so that the employer brand and values you preach are consistent throughout. In fact, your recruitment function needs to be part of your culture in order to recruit the best candidates—and that’s where ORS recruitment consultants come in.

If you’re a venture backed, high growth company scouring the masses for the ideal new employee, ORS Partners is a turnkey solution for you. Our recruiters match the pace, intensity, and language of our clients – in essence, we assimilate to your employer brand (we call it our White Label Recruiting Solution). Not only that, but our recruitment consultants will refine your recruitment process from the inside out. We believe that in order to recruit the right candidates, we need to understand your culture and business first. Once we get a thorough understanding of your employer value propositions and business drivers, we will deploy our advanced recruiting methodologies and technologies to find the perfect candidate for your company.

While we rely on metrics such as time-to-fill and cost-per-hire to measure the success of our hiring, we are also very concerned with the quality-of-hire. While time-to-fill and cost-per-hire are important metrics, they do not measure the true value of hiring a great employee at the right time. The true game changing employees are the ones that elevate your business and contribute to your culture. They are difficult to assign a true dollar value to, as it is important to consider their long term value to your company, rather than only how long or how much it cost to find them in the first place.

So yes, an outsourced recruiting solution firm like ORS can scale services up and down with your hiring needs, but we do far more than that – we match your intensity, we build your recruitment processes, we enhance your employer brand, and we stay focused on your quality-of-hire. #letsscaletogether