5 Lessons On Growth Our CEO

At ORS Partners we work with venture-backed and high growth companies all focused on growing and building their businesses, so it’s fitting that our CEO, Terry Williams, is a venture capitalist himself and tackles talent acquisition problems with an entrepreneurial, innovative approach. We sat down with Terry and asked him to provide us with 5 lessons on growth that every business owner needs to know:

As a leader it’s imperative to surround yourself with outstanding talent. Building a team around you that shares the same values, and “DNA” is tremendously important. Williams says that even as you’re growing quickly you must make sure each employee is a culture fit, or otherwise you’re hiring people that are set up for failure. The people on your team have to align with your vision so they work hard for the same goals you are.

Focus on building relationships before you even need them, and always give more than you take. Networking is an opportunity not only to expand your business, but also to expand your personal connections. Williams elaborates stating that you must make sure your connections are mutually beneficial, you never want to be the person who is always asking for something and giving nothing in return.

Work ethic and intelligence: one drives the other and the combination creates your desire for success. Williams believes you have to have the desire and hunger for success. To him, this desire comes from the combination of your work ethic and intelligence. You have to be willing to do the hard work to reach success and growth, and you have to be intelligent in where you spend your time.

Over communication: You need to be able to explain and ask for what you want. Over communication is key for setting clear expectations. You need to be able to discuss issues, projects, and plans with your team and leave knowing they will be able to execute your vision. Communication is crucial in making sure the whole team is aligned on your growth goals.

There is no DNA or formula for leadership, you can learn to be a leader in any position you hold. There is no set DNA, personality, or formula for being a leader. Every leader has their own specific style and characteristics. Some leaders are direct while some are focused on emotional intelligence. It is important to remember that a title is not the only thing that gives you the power to lead, you can learn to be a leader in any position.