Reasons Why Companies Use Outsourced Recruiting Solutions

Companies use Outsourced Recruiting Solutions for the following reasons:

  1. Companies do not have the core infrastructure to support effective recruitment initiatives and strategy. Core recruitment infrastructure includes some technology (ATS), a designated HR and/or recruiting team, and recruiting processes and hiring plans.
  2. Most corporate recruiting and HR departments are not set up to fill large volumes of openings, or spend the time to successfully support those openings.
  3. Corporate recruiters are often pulled into other HR function job responsibilities and are not able to dedicate the time and effort necessary to identify and attract the right candidates.
  4. Some corporate recruiting teams simply post their open positions and screen those that apply – and then only source resumes to the business function leaders.
  5. Incentive programs for corporate recruiters and HR departments are not aligned to achieve quick results – any many approach hiring top-notch candidates with the wrong set of motivations and skills. All too often, open positions remain unfilled for weeks or month.
  6. Outsourcing recruiting can be a cost-effective alternative, especially if a company needs to hire a high-volume of employees in a short period of time. Technology can be cost prohibitive and a full in-house recruitment staff is not always needed. Learn more about our Contract Recruiting and Project Recruiting services.