Sourcing Center

ORS Sourcing Center Solutions provide you with a core sourcing infrastructure that can scale to meet your hiring needs – and an efficient candidate sourcing process that works.

The Problem: Sourcing for the right candidate can be a labor-intensive activity. The average recruiter spends 60%-70% of their time searching through resume databases, targeted groups and associations and social networks trying to locate the right candidates – many whom might already be working somewhere else and not actively looking to change jobs.

The Solution: Instead, recruiters should be performing higher-value activities such as developing relationships and trust with candidates, interviewing qualified candidates and interacting with their clients.

How It Works: Our Sourcing Centers are set up with teams of qualified sourcers, in Sourcing Pods to provide dedicated recruiters with a sourcing support structure. With ORS Partners, recruiters can focus on connecting with more active and passive candidates – quicker than the competition.


Each Sourcing Pod is a singularly focused sourcing solution responsible for pipelining, assessing and delivering qualified candidates for their client’s recruiters. Every Sourcing Pod is led by a sourcing manager – a Pod Leader – who communicates to the Recruiters, Project Managers and Account Managers.